Enjoy The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, prompting people from Kuala Lumpur to start looking for romantic places to enjoy a nice dinner with their partner. Some peruse their list of favorite restaurants while others turn to the internet and find recommendations from different websites.

You can find plenty of great restaurants by reading online and looking through restaurant reviews to find out the quality of the food and the overall ambiance of the place. Reviews are great. But don’t forget that you’re planning a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day, which might be completely different from the experience the reviewers had when they visited the restaurant.

Some restaurants simply embellish their place with fancy decor so that it exudes that Valentine’s aura. The place may look really beautiful but if you come to think of it, it’s the same old restaurant that serves the same food and experience, with Valentine’s decorations to make everything feel different.

It’s better to find a place perfectly suited for one unforgettable and romantic dinner date. Once you’ve found such a restaurant, ask yourself whether it fits your budget. Don’t forget to check the location, quality of food and the kind of experience offered by the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a fantastic restaurant in the Petaling Jaya, then be sure to check out the BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar. They will be having a special 2016 Valentine’s Dinner Event. Best known for their beautiful lakeside view, delicious food, reliable customer service and unparalleled event management, it’s the ideal place for couples to enjoy each other’s company on this special occasion.

The number of seats available for the event is limited at 80 couples. This is to make sure that the Valentine’s experience is as romantic and intimate as possible. For just 188 RM, you can reserve a couple’s table so you can share a beautiful evening with your partner.

The restaurant will surely provide the Valentine’s experience every couple wants, from gorgeous decorations to various surprises. The captivating setup of the venue is complemented by a special Valentine’s themed menu, featuring one-of-a-kind gourmet dishes as well as tasty desserts all prepared by the restaurant’s Chef. Couples in the event will surely appreciate the unique take on some of the most popular items in the BGT menu.

For an additional payment of 150 RM, couples can upgrade to the VIP package to enjoy a premium romantic experience. The VIP table is situated right beside the lake, providing a jaw-dropping view for the couples. They can also enjoy a bottle of wine to go along with their sumptuous meal. While the place is already romantic thanks to the Valentine’s decorations, it is made even more beautiful by the lakeside view, giving the couples the perfect place to celebrate their love.

If you want to learn more about the even, be sure to check out the BGT website by clicking this link. You may contact them either by phone or email if you want to make a reservation. Once the reservation is finalized, payment options will be given. Enjoy the best Valentine’s Day with your special one at BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar!

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